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Horns A Plenty Christmas began as a single event each year on the Saturday before Christmas, hosted by the Fox Valley Horn Club and its director, Don Krause. Over eighty horn players would come together from all over the state of Wisconsin - some even further - to perform Christmas carols for the Appleton and Fox Valley community. Now, HAPC is held in various forms and events across the country! Guest artists are featured in conjunction with the events held in select cities, performing solos and leading masterclasses for the participants. In addition, Horns a Plenty Christmas offers music scholarships to French horn players through attendance fees, book sales, and donations.

Honorary members: Jeff Nelsen, Eldon Mattlick, Bernhard Scully, William Barnewitz, The American Horn Quartet, Andrew Pelletier, Richard Chenoweth, Gail Williams, Randy Gardner, Lydia Van Dreel, Richard Todd, Geoffrey Winter, Jonas Thoms, Martin Hackleman, and Steven Mahpar.

Horns A Plenty Christmas recommends Hans Hoyer Horns:

Hans Hoyer Horns

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HAPC at UW-Fox Valley
December 18, 2010


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